Terms of use

The following document outlines the terms of use of BB, short for Blue Bot. Before using BB, you are required to read and understand those terms to understand what BB is about.

BB on Messenger

The smartest way to book a ticket

We believe we should be where our customers are, and that’s on the platform of their choice. Therefore KLM and Messenger are a perfect fit: we offer you the option to receive all relevant flight documentation and information in one single Messenger overview and various other services via our Messenger menu. With BB, we make it possible for you to book a ticket in a conversational way via Messenger. BB is part of our KLM servicing family and, is only supported by a human agent when help is needed. 

It might happen that your conversation with BB gets interrupted, and that you are not referred to an agent immediately. Our sincerest apologies if that happens. It means you’re dealing with a bug in BB. Our engineers will immediately try to fix the bug. With BB, it’s like with all technology: sometimes she is in need of extra help from a human. Should you not be able to book the ticket after all, please go to KLM.com or our KLM app to finish your booking. 

To use BB for booking a ticket, you must have the Messenger app and therefore a Facebook account. BB is a service free of charge. 

You can start using BB by typing something like “Hi, I would like to book a ticket” or “Hi BB”. You can stop using BB at any time and if BB doesn’t understand your questions you can always ask the help of a human agent.


The data that you provide when booking a ticket on Messenger, are stored in our KLM database. We only ask you to provide those data that are necessary for booking a ticket, like your name, etc., and for sending you your flight info, and flight status updates. 

For more information on how we process your personal information, please check KLM’s privacy policy. For more information on how Messenger treats personal data, please check the privacy policy of Messenger.

BB on Google Assistant

The easiest way to find a flight and pack your bag

As KLM we want to be of service throughout the entire customer journey and are always aiming to make traveling as easy as possible for you. Every journey starts with finding a flight. BB can help you to find the perfect flight to all KLM destinations worldwide on Google Assistant. Found and booked a flight? Time to pack your bag! Packing your bag was never this easy. BB can also help you pack your bag and make sure you don’t forget specific items like a power socket adaptor or your passport. BB even knows the weather during your stay and reminds you to bring your umbrella or sunglasses if needed.

You can talk to BB on Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet by saying “Hi Google, let me talk to KLM.”

Data Google Assistant

Your provided data (location, traveling dates and items) will not be stored in a database. The data will be normalized and used to optimize the service. This cannot be linked on a specific user. KLM does not use this data for other purposes. The data between KLM and Google which is part of the dialog and is encrypted at all times.

For more information on how we process your personal information, please check KLM’s privacy policy. For more information on how Messenger and Google treats provided data, please check their privacy policies.

Privacy Statement

Privacy is a subject that KLM takes very serious. The landing page bb.klm.com contains information that should answer most of the customer’s questions. 

By using BB on Messenger and Google Assistant, you are accepting the practices outlined in this document.