Meet BB

KLM’s smart assistant

to the family

Meet BB (that's short for Blue Bot), a member of our KLM service family. Just like her 300 human colleagues, she's dedicated to provide you with the best possible service. You can meet BB on Messenger for booking a flight and wherever 
the Google Assistant is, for instance on Google Home or your smartphone, for finding a destination, booking a flight 
and packing your bag.

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This is BB

BB is not just another smart assistant. She's a self-learning system (or: Artificial Intelligence) BB has her own professional, helpful and friendly character, but be warned; she can also be a bit cheeky from time to time. Aside from that, she's always eager to learn more in order to be of better service to you.

BB is part of our KLM servicing family and is only supported by a human agent when help is needed. With BB, it's like with all technology: sometimes she is in need of extra help from a human. When BB is not able to help you with finding and/or booking a ticket after all, you can also go to or our KLM app.

How can BB help you?

On Messenger:
help you book a ticket.

On Google Assistant:
help you pack your bag.

Also on Google Assistant:
help you find a destination and book a flight

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Book a ticket

If you'd like to book a ticket, there's another easy way to do so. On Messenger, BB can help you with booking your ticket. It's smart and easy!

Find your ticket

No inspiration for a destination for your next trip? Now you can find the best destination based on your preferences. BB will ask you questions via Google Assistant, on for instance Google Home, about your budget, flight distance and other themes. Eventually BB will come up with three locations that suits you best! Also BB can help you to book a ticket to your favorite destination. You can start talking to BB on Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet by saying: ''Hi Google, I want to talk to KLM''. If you, for any reason, are unable 
to find a ticket via BB on Google Assistant, go to or our KLM app to complete your search.

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Pack your bag

Packing your bag can be a challenge. But with BB on the Google Assistant, for instance on Google Home, there's a smarter and more convenient way to pack your bag. You'll never forget to pack a thing again!